Pixel ϕ Games

Pulse Available Now

Pixel Pi Games have now released the Pulse game that is available on Steam, and the current project: Pixelbet has been released!

The First Game: Pulse


Pulse is a first person adventure game that takes place in an unseen world revealed only by sound. Journey as Eva, a young girl who was lost her sight at an early age, and has since developed the unique capability to see the world around her through sound. Explore a world on the edge of collapse and discover the long-kept secrets of the land…

Pulse – Reveal the world through sound

Pulse is a first person survival game that takes place in an unseen world revealed only by sound.

Join the experiential journey in which you are blind. Using a process similar to echolocation, you use sounds in the environment to create a mental reconstruction of the world around you. The character has not been blind since birth, and is therefore able to pull memories from their childhood to “see” the environment.

Throughout your journey, you will encounter creatures called Mokos whose sole desire is to help you. By using the noise these creatures make, they provide additional “vision” when in need. They also provide superfluous amounts of cuteness. In contrast, there are also terrifying creatures who seek to devour you. Listen carefully and avoid these beasts at all costs.

In this synesthesia-like experience, your world will shift and become clearer based on the information provided by your senses. There is often a distinct difference between what you “see” versus what is actually there. Let your senses guide you.

The Second Game: Crystals of Naramunz

Crystals of Naramunz is an action RPG set in a steam-punk world. Sign up for the alpha waitlist and you will receive a permanent alpha badge and early access to the game.