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Pixel Pi Games have now released the Pulse game that is available on Steam, and the current project: Pixelbet has been released! You can get your Pixelbet bonus totay.

The First Game: Pulse


Pulse is a first person adventure game that takes place in an unseen world revealed only by sound. Journey as Eva, a young girl who was lost her sight at an early age, and has since developed the unique capability to see the world around her through sound. Explore a world on the edge of collapse and discover the long-kept secrets of the land…

Pixelbet Bonus

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Pixelbet has initiated a partnership with Esports Integrity Coalition (ESIC) where they are supporting and contributing with a fresh perspective and meeting future challenges for esports betting as a team. ESIC is counteracting settled matches and are keeping the esports scene transparent fair. Esports in general is big in Asia. The biggest market is Korea but Pixel Pi Games also cover Esports events in Thailand and Singapore where you can play on Empire777.

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